Windows 8 on VirtualBox– File Sharing(Guest Additions doesn’t work)

Guest Additions on Virtual Box can be installed by changing compatibility to Windows 7 but that doesn’t mean it can be made to work. Yeah that’s where I too got stuck and my hunt for a fix to it also stopped when I read this forum.

I found few others who have tried complicated file sharing techniques, for e.g. they  created a secondary virtual hard drive and put files into it. However being working on Windows for more than a decade, I do believe there should be a simple way to achieve it. After all they are two different windows machines on the network.

Well what would you do to access a share drive on another system? Start->Run-> and type “\\machine-name\share” and hit enter?  That wouldn’t work because your host machine name will not be recognized by your virtual machine since they are on a different network group.

Now here is the solution: Go ahead and figure out the IP address of your host machine(ipconfig) and try accessing the share by its IP address instead of the machine name. That works!



Things are simple, we complicate it most of the time.


/* Nish */

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