Future belongs to ?

I happened to come across this wonderful image on the internet and it made me think for hours. Thought I must share this with you because it helped me and hope it helps you too!



Image Credits & original source: Forbes

In my opinion one inherent quality of a leader must be getting their hands dirty. When you set out to do that you will have a complete different perspective to your life. You will make things happen at every cost!

Be a leader, be a doer too!


Long time since I blogged!

No laziness is not the only reason why I skipped blogging for months together. I was on a complete learning mode, when I say learning its not just the technical stuffs I am talking about. I was involved in various activities of life, which demanded a lot of my personal time. A lot of activities which were completely new to me, and had no clue on how to go about it. I am not completely done with it (that said there is no definite time frame on blogging), but have decided to pull out some of my time. My passion for technology and photography are in my breath and that keeps me alive, but off late I realized it wasn’t enough! probably I need some food to survive. And that is something which I will let you know in years to come!

My transition from an entrepreneur to a full time employee was a tough decision, but have to do that to sustain and to overcome the loses! Am I complaining? No I am lucky enough in doing something what I always wanted to do and that is programming! The point is having bitten by the entrepreneur bug in some time of my life, has not let me sleep peaceful. Regaining those momentum and going forward in that direction is even more riskier until I have some concrete things planned.

Other than the learning of life I had couple of new learning which were technical and they were completely new from my field of work. But it was necessary to keep the momentum on. Oh did I say I have some concrete plans? No not yet!

Sometimes taking a right decision is far more easier than making your decision right!

To restart blogging, I am initiating a simple technical post which is coming up next!


Best blog award and me?

This is really amazing. Blogging was one of the activities I thought I was never good at. My last experience at the tech-ed forced me to write one, and this is truly surprising – Won the best blog award for writing down my experiences at the event. I received a Windows Vista Ultimate licensed copy from Vic at Xperience 2009/ Microsoft Community Tech Days event. This is my first blog entry and what a great way to start – It inspires! Thanks to BDotnet and BITPro panel members. 

Thank you VJ(MSIGeek) for scheduling the prize giving session little earlier than it was planned. It will not be good on my part if I do not mention a special thanks to VJ for having this session clicked for me and for Vic’s patience.




tech-ed 2009 (on road) – Bangalore

359964664Most unlikely thing I want to do now – write a blog! yeah, I am not a blogger but what inspired me to write one is the event tech-ed 2009 which was organized by BDotnet and BITPro – India’s largest and probably the best .net and IT community. “Change is Constant” Yes I have decided to change. So with the start of a new era in my life here goes my first blog which I think may inspire many others and actively participate in the online community/user groups.

I am registered with BDotnet for a while now,  but was less active due to my busy schedules. It was a week before the event I received an email from the group with the details of the event. It was a two day event. What inspired me in the mail was “Windows Azure – the next big thing”, “Windows 7”, “Asp.net 4.0” and “Silverlight”. Somehow the schedule of the event worked out for me, and I registered for the event immediately. I was lucky enough to get my seat booked, as the next day there wasn’t one left. I realized the crowd it attracted and as expected it was a fully packed auditorium on both the days.

On the day one the event got ignited with a key note from Ramkumar K. It was about the technologies lined up for the future and one being the nearest – Cloud Computing. I did hear about this lot many times before, but his speech kick-started my entrepreneur bug in me and drove my imaginations to the wildest possible destinations in the future – defining wild is up to your imagination. He also talked about Green IT, which is an industry initiative for a greener community. It is impossible for me to put down his speech and my imagination into this write up, so my advice would be to log on to BDotnet and download the presentation slides there – you will be amazed – Guaranteed.

Moving on to the next session which was an exciting topic “Windows 7 – Kernel Enhancements and Location Sensors (for Dev and ITPros)” driven by the duo combination(VJ and Vic). There was an on stage chemistry between the two(don’t take me wrong) there lived a common emotion of passion for technology among both. The explanation was more on the Kernel Enhancements including the introduction of sensor and location platform. There is a lot of news on the failure of Windows Vista – and here it is – the Microsoft has a new deal – the Windows 7 a better performance. I really wondered what was going behind the make of Windows 7 so much sooner to its prior version, after the session I was thoroughly convinced with the thought that went in MS brains, the reason to have a customer satisfied at every cost. Microsoft took all its customer’s feedback seriously and corrected all the major flaws which went in Windows Vista release and set the stage for their 7th major release Windows 7. And the UI as usual a big surprise from MS. There was a remarkable statement from Vic regarding the installation and successful running of Windows 7 on 700 Mhz CPUs which was not possible with Windows Vista – this was a commitment on the performance and I remembered the very old statement “640 K ought to be enough for anyone”. Vic also presented the session on “Getting started with Silverlight 3” and what I liked more about the presentation was the attitude of the speaker. There was a presentation slide running on the screen, but Vic less looked into it and was sharing his experience to the audience. I almost felt I developed a silverlight 3 application right there, trust me with Vic it is that easy! 

Being a passionate developer myself session on ASP.net 4.0 by Chaitra was one among my must to attend topics, and it did keep up with my expectations. Lot of things I learnt which I am in the process of implementing and blogging as this is more a coding stuff :). Kashi talked on “Solving Integration Challenges with BizTalk” and Meena talked on “Birds of the same feather – BizTalk Server and WCF” which I knew nothing and at the end of it I knew something. Yeah I did talk a lot on this to my friends who work on Biz Talk server and I am sure I could convince them attend the next session.

There ends my first day with the largest IT genes in the City. Oh yeah last but definitely not the least – the delicious food which was provided to us on both the days and that to FREE OF COST! It said WOW, Thanks to the Sponsors of the event!

Second day the same excitement remained in me, I don’t remember a day before this when I woke up with excitement and enthusiasm. Second day started with a session on “Building custom activities in WF” by Gayathri – I am totally a new guy in this topic but I did follow a bit. It was followed by another awaited session “Introduction to Microsoft Azure services platform” by Janakiram and Niraj Bhatt – I don’t have words to fit in here to express my excitement on this topic and probably the only reason why I am so excited about this are the speakers of this session. I understood the underlying fact about the cloud computing, and how a developer needs to prepare himself for the next big thing – as i call it all the time. I will be writing more on this session, watch for my next blog to come. Another thing I recalled at the last slide when Janakiram showed his blog web address- “Hey – this is the same guy who’s blog I would have read a lot many times.” – I was excited to see him there, I felt the world is such a small place to live in, we knew people so very well but hardly have met them.  Thanks to the organizers.

And there was Vic again, with his “Keynote on Infragistics“. Everytime he is on stage I could hear lot many talks from the audience. His presentation on Infragisitcs tools was pretty awesome. He explained how closely the company works with Microsoft, and how successful they are in the market. I still remember the days and nights we spent on making a UI look perfect on all the browsers on various OS. These guys have already mastered the art, I think there will be a complete elimination of Presentation patterns and the architects will simply prefer the use of these tools, as it saves time and the client is always impressed.

Session on “Beyond Relational SQL Server 2008: Managing unstructured and semi structured Data” by Praveen Srivatsa was a very helpful topic to me, as this was something very similar to what we were trying to implement in our office. His session on “Virtualization 360 – Technical Overview” was another hot topic which kicked me off from my seat. Praveen is a great speaker, there was lot of maturity on his talk and his experience did the trick. Probably I would have never learnt so much if i were to go through all the articles on the net.

Session on “Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010” by Mohammed Ismail was also a good to know topic for me and it was followed by “Windows Server 2008 R2 Overview” by Kalyan and Ravikanth. They had the blade servers right at the auditorium “WOW” to support their topic. The topics were well presented and I was amazed to discover an introduction of “Recycle Bin” in the Acitve Directory of Windows Server 2008 R2. Kalyan(co-founder of BITPro) is a fantastic guy and I did hear a lot of excitement for his founding in his words.

And Yes it had to come – the closing note. The whole team was up on stage and there showed the sigh of relief in the organizers’ face. After all it is such a big event and to make everything go right it is not easy.  They really deserve a great applause. 

Oh ya something very important – they were giving Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 DVDs, though I managed to get a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 was fast finishing it never reached me :(. That was the only sad part, but nevertheless it was a great event.

“Hey Organizers – You guys rock. Looking forward to meeting you guys again with a bigger bang!”.